Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee.

Just a quick blog about my first proper Pecha Kucha experience.

Since my class has been encouraged to present our work in a Pecha Kucha style – 20 slides, 20 seconds to talk about them- a couple of times this year I was quite excited there was an event on in Dundee. I went along tonight to see how professionals coped talking about their subject of choice and what exactly a PKN is like.

The event was sold out and after the success of tonight I suggest you get your tickets early for vol.2. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. There were 11 speakers all of which gave interesting talks on a variety of subjects from computer games to empathy. A couple of my favourite speakers were Hilary Grant and Ross Fraser McLean.

Hilary Grant a textiles graduate discussed her career after university. From working for others in London and the Highlands, she has now set up her own business in Dundee which looks like it will be a great success. She talked about her work and showed images of her scarves, they look amazing I want to get my hands on one for Christmas!

Image by 'What Kristen Saw'

Kate Pickering of Vanilla Ink also discussed her life after uni. Showing its okay to feel lost after you graduate, that it takes time to find your path, something I find particularly encouraging. She is now setting up a business to help other students bridge the gap between uni and the workplace after they graduate.

Ross Fraser McLean a photographer told a crazy story about being abducted by a snake charmer after he saw his snake in the park. We never did find out how he escaped but saw some beautiful pictures from his adventure.

Everyone gave a terrific presentation and of course I can’t forget my tutor Andy Milligan. Andy you were fab!

All in all it was a fun night and I would definitely do it again. It’s a laid back way of finding out some interesting facts.  Also it was great to see how much talent is in Dundee and how many people are interested in and support Dundee’s creativity. 

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