Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for Home & Design Lovers.

Just a few gift ideas if you’re looking for something a little different to give to a house proud friend or a design geek.

1.  Orla Keily teapot £55 -

2. ‘Deezen Book of Ideas’ and ‘London Design Guide’. ‘Deezen Book of Ideas’ is full of unique ideas covering architecture, interiors and design. The ‘London Design Guide’ is great for tourists or people wanting to explore the capital it identifies the hotspots you won’t want to miss out on. Get them both for £20 -

3. A weekend away in one of Living Architectures amazing holiday homes. The Balancing Barn in Suffolk by MVRDV architects sleeps 8 people. Prices for a mid week break are around £759. - 

4. Charles & Ray Eames Rocker can be found for around £400 –

5. Is That Plastic butter dish £24.50 -

Friday, 9 December 2011

Feel Good Final Advert - Storyboard.

I recently posted a blog about my groups final advert for 'Feel Good'. This is just a quick post to show our final story board images and a few images of the app we came up with that goes along with the ad campaign.

Using the 'Feel Good' app you can play traditional games such as pears and bowling. Here's how it could look on an ipad or iphone.

When you're a winner you will receive a ticket. Players go to the 'Feel Good' website to cash in their points to donate money to 'Maggies Cancer Research' or to get a token for money off a bottle of 'Feel Good'.

Mock up of website incorporating app.

Lastly I've included an image of our idea to make 'Feel Good' stand out in the supermarkets. The 'Feel Good' fridge.

Burger King – New Interior Identity.

Burger King Singapore has had a makeover. ‘Outofstock’ were commissioned by Burger King Asia specific to design a new look for the interior of their takeaways. The design was intended to be welcoming, appealing to families with children, teenagers and not alienate existing customers.

Whilst researching the Burger King brand the words ‘flame grilled’ kept reappearing. ‘Outofstock’ took these words as a starting point for their design associating this with BBQs, camping, family picnics they came up with the idea of the ‘BK Garden’. The interior was then designed to imitate a garden.

Exposed brick walls, metal framed wooden dinning tables, and sofas upholstered in outdoor materials have been used. Plants are scattered around the restaurant, a roof trellis hides the exposed services and posters of the food have been framed and placed on wooden shelves. Plant pots have also been used as pendant lights to add to the garden theme.

Whilst creating a welcoming atmosphere this new design also creates a new image for Burger King. The garden theme, through the use of healthy plants and natural wood creates an image of healthy eating. The pictures framed in the store show the freshest tomatoes, these little touches would make customers think the food they are eating isn’t bad for them. In today’s environment where people are becoming more conscious of the foods they are putting into their body restaurants like Burger King that don’t sell healthy food have to have a new image for customers to buy into. It might not actually be healthy but it certainly has to look it.

As I was looking at this design I came across some of ‘Outofstocks’ sketches of it. I really like this style even although the drawings are cartoons they still look realistic and explain their ideas well. 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

‘Feel Good’ Final Advert Idea.

The ‘Feel Good’ brief asked us to create a campaign that communicates their brand name, what their drinks look like and that their drinks only contain natural ingredients. The main problem we found with the product is its childlike image. It’s too similar to the other fruit drinks at the moment and it’s too young for the people they are targeting, the 16-34 year olds. As a group we feel that the idea we have come up with fulfils the brief and addresses these problems.

Our advert will still be fun but in a way that appeals to the 16-34 age group. Instead of cartoons we have designed a TV. advert that involves a ‘Feel Good’ fruit machine being placed in a town centre. Passers by will then be seen going to the machine and pressing the feel good button where they will always win (you’re never a loser with ‘Feel Good’). They will receive prizes such as ‘Feel Good’ drinks, balloons, bubbles… The machine is intended to ‘spread the feelgoodness’. A crowd will gather around the machine and it will turn in to a street party of sorts. The final scene of the ad will show the ‘Feel Good’ drink on top of the machine with fresh fruit beside it, the background is blurry with people having a good time. An ideal channel to show the advert would be E4 or Channel 4.

Storyboard ideas 1

Storyboard ideas 2

The fruit machine will be colourful and will have the ‘Feel Good’ logo on it. The part that spins will link a picture of a piece of fruit, a drop of water and the words no sugar, to show what’s in the drink, this will be the winning combination. Also written on the machine will be ‘100% natural’.

Not only will this be a TV. ad but to raise awareness of the product several machines will travel around the U.K. being placed in different cities where people can participate in the fun.

The ‘Feel Good’ website will have a similar game on it where players can collect points which can then be turned into vouchers for money off their next ‘Feel Good’ drinks purchase.

Supermarkets will be given displays which will be set up in store for a period of time so that the product stands out to customers. The displays will be in the shape of the machine so that customers recognise it and link it with the TV. ad.

Sketch of possible supermarket display.

This campaign is fun in a grown up way which will appeal to the target audience. As it’s not too childlike it won’t be a problem when trying to introduce their new cocktail range. It makes the product known as the adverts will create a buzz and have people talking about it. The message of what’s in the drink comes across through text and pictures in the ad and the drinks bottle is clearly shown. Those who get the chance to play the machine will get to taste the drink. The ‘Feel Good’ brand will be associated with ‘feelgoodness’ hopefully making people want to drink it.