Friday, 9 December 2011

Feel Good Final Advert - Storyboard.

I recently posted a blog about my groups final advert for 'Feel Good'. This is just a quick post to show our final story board images and a few images of the app we came up with that goes along with the ad campaign.

Using the 'Feel Good' app you can play traditional games such as pears and bowling. Here's how it could look on an ipad or iphone.

When you're a winner you will receive a ticket. Players go to the 'Feel Good' website to cash in their points to donate money to 'Maggies Cancer Research' or to get a token for money off a bottle of 'Feel Good'.

Mock up of website incorporating app.

Lastly I've included an image of our idea to make 'Feel Good' stand out in the supermarkets. The 'Feel Good' fridge.

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