Tuesday, 1 November 2011

24 Hour Brief… Revisited.

The other week I got together with a couple of members from my group to discuss the final advert we designed for the 24 Hour brief. We wanted to look at the problems of the previous advert and find ways to change it for the better.

Notes from group discussion.

The main problem with our last advert was that it was too serious and may have made people panic unnecessarily. We thought that by keeping the same message but making the advert light hearted and funny might solve this.

Our last advert was a poster campaign but as we were brainstorming we came up with ideas that could be made into a television advert. The general idea of the original ad was used again but to make it slightly humorous we decided to show the illness as a cartoon monster that grows as the condition of the man worsens. The viewers will see an x-ray of his chest with the monster squeezing at his heart. The longer he puts off going to the doctors the stronger the monster gets. Instead of having several different men with different symptoms we decided to stay with the one story from the previous advert. His daughter, work colleague, partner notice his pain and will ask him if he’s alright and he will dismiss their comments saying he’s ‘Just unfit/tired’. After his partner asks him she picks up a trash bag, takes it out to the bin while the viewer hears her making an appointment at the local GP for her husband. The final scene is the monster being left in the bin and the wife closing the lid on it. The revised tag line would be “Take Out the Monster… Make an appointment at your local GP for the man in your life.”

Story board.

The advert still targets women emotionally showing that they can help their friend/partner/father by encouraging them to go to the doctor, it shows that they should make the first step even if their partner won’t. Unlike the last ad where the man felt a slight pain and was told to go to the GP this ad shows the condition worsening before he goes to the doctor. Therefore this hopefully sends the message not to panic but if a problem persists get him to the doctor. 

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