Tuesday, 29 November 2011

'Feel Good': Competitor's Adverts

I've been trying to get some inspiration for my groups 'Feel Good' advert. So I thought I'd look at some of its competitors ads.


This advert is for 'Drench' water, its fruit juice ad is quite similar as it's very random and focuses on the fact you can perform better after drinking it. I really liked this ad featuring Brains from 'Thunderbirds' just because I found it funny. I remember seeing it at the time but didn't realise it was for 'Drench' so I'm not sure it was effective in doing its job properly since I have never had 'Drench' before. However it would get people talking about it.

'Volvic Touch of Fruit'

A colourful ad showing people enjoying themselves and full of energy it's implied that this is because they drink 'Volvic'. A clear shot of the 'Volvic' bottles and freshly cut fruit shows the viewer exactly what the product is, what it looks like and what it contains (although this may not be the whole truth added sugar isn't mentioned). I like the way this is the final image as the viewer isn't left confused wondering "What was that ad for again?".


I love this ad just because it makes me feel happy, I'm not sure why. Maybe because it reminds me of holidays and perfect breakfasts. I'm a 'Tropicana' drinker. 'Tropicana' have the advantage of advertising this way because orange juice is more of a breakfast drink. Targeting people by focusing on 'Feel Good's' USP will hopefully help us.

Music features heavily in these three adverts and I think it gives a friendly, upbeat, happy vibe. So maybe our 'Feel Good' ad should have some music to it, we are trying to make people feel good after all.


This ad is very simple but effective. The 'Innocent' carton is shown in natural surrounding on healthy green grass. It's then joined by what the drink contains showing viewers what it is.The last shot is of its different packaging so viewers will then recognise it in the shop. The whole ad sums 'Innocent's' brand.

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