Tuesday, 29 November 2011

'Feel Good': Ideas Wall

We have now started to think of potential adverts. We gathered around a blank wall then sketched whatever ideas came to us and added them to the wall.

We then selected a few of our favorite ideas that we felt we could work on a little more or help generate new ideas. 

 Some of our ideas....

'All you need is  Feel Good'. Person pictured with a bottle of 'Feel Good' having a happy life. shows the joy it brings.

An apple on a date with water having fun when a bottle comes out of nowhere and squashes them together inside. This creates the juice in the bottle. 'Capture those Feel Good moments'.

'Feel Good Fridays'. This ad would show an office situation where the workers are drained of energy. A 'Feel Good' drinks trolly passes by a desk hands a drink to an employee. After he drinks it his grey face changes he now looks energised. The whole office is now buzzing. 'Thank Goodness for Feel Good Fridays'.

We were still thinking of staying with the cartoon style that 'Feel Good' already has as they do want it to be cheeky and fun. However we think that it shouldn't be as cute as it is at the moment as this seems to be aimed at much younger people than their target audience.

Hmm... still more work to be done I feel. Group meeting later so hopefully some more ideas will emerge.

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