Monday, 29 November 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow... Okay that's enough thanks!!

I do like the snow and love getting into the Christmas spirit and what better way to feel Christ-massy than by watching the snow fall or going out sledging.  All this snow is fine when there’s nothing to do but enjoy it. However with deadlines looming and a rocking chair to be built it’s a real nuisance!!

Today the city of Dundee has come to a standstill and the university is closed so no chance of us getting on in the workshop.  I’ve taken this opportunity to stay cosy in my house and try to get on with an assignment for my design studies module. Sadly no fun in the snow for me today but I’m sure the way things are going I’ll have another opportunity for that!  So today I’ve put on my Christmas cardigan and had a cup of hot chocolate to keep me going until the 14th of December when(for me) the holidays begin and I can get the Christmas DVD marathon started!

I've been watching the birds from my window munching on the apples.

Snow falling in the garden.

My hot chocolate with pumpkin shaped 'mallows.

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