Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sex Sells... 'Huggies' advert.

They say sex sells, and we're used to seeing scantily clad men and women on our TV screens posing provocatively but now I think they are crossing the line.

Controversial advert by 'American Apparel'

 I came across a new ‘Huggies’ advert for jean diapers and it was just a bit too suggestive. Adverts for nappies are supposed to be cute with a parent looking adorably at their baby. This advert has a baby dressed in a man’s shirt tucked into his denim nappy walking alone down a city street with passers by stopping to stare in awe, one man even letting go of his balloons. It is quite funny, but is it supposed to be? Also I feel that this video has a slightly seedy side?

Take a look at the video here see what you think:

Why is there even a need for denim diapers?! Babies aren’t supposed to be fashion conscious or look cool. I feel like this is just another example of children being forced into growing up too fast. Is this where it’s going to start... with a baby in a denim diaper.

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