Thursday, 25 November 2010

Time Changes Everything.

It’s strange how time changes someone’s opinion of something, whether it‘s a place object or person. An object that was once a tacky souvenir may be sitting in a glass cabinet in a museum years later. Or someone who was once an outcast may be remembered as a hero. We should always try to remember the context in which something was made to have a proper understanding of it.

In the lecture Jonathan showed this poster for ‘Bovril’ from 1896.

Today someone may hang this up in their kitchen they might find it stylish and quirky. But when it was designed it was designed to sell ‘Bovril’ and it would have been the same as hanging a picture of an ‘Utterly Butterly’ advert on your wall, this wouldn’t look stylish and not many people would do this.

Matisse in his day he was an outcast and now his artwork sells for millions. Cave paintings that could have just been for decoration or simple communication are now analysed and written about. These are other instances where we now have a higher value for something than it had years ago.

I think over time we gain a greater understanding of certain things and appreciate what we once had or what other people had a lot more.

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