Monday, 8 November 2010

Think Big! Design Studies Assignment 2

For our second Design Studies assignment we were asked to ‘Think Big’ and brainstorm the topic we chose in the last assignment to see how it connects with Interior and Environmental Design. The topic I chose in the last assignment was ‘the Rise and Fall of Crime in New York City’.
Assignment 1 Mind Map.

I got together with a couple of girls from my class and did a brainstorming session with them. At the beginning we were all struggling a little but once we started writing down ideas it became easier and other ideas began to form. We all had different topics so set a time limit for each topic to brainstorm them individually. Our ideas ranged from the serious to the silly. We suggested integrating graffiti into the community by having specific areas where people can graffiti. Another idea was self washing walls, so that when someone put graffiti on it the graffiti would be automatically washed off. The ideas that I began to look more closely at were that a better home environment can create a better life and a person who is less likely to commit crime.

After brainstorming we went away to discuss our results. We thought again about our topics. For my topic we discussed why people are likely to commit crime. We also looked back at the book ‘The Tipping Point’ and the examples of why crime fell in New York City.

How can Interior Design make an impact on crime? I began to think in depth about this and the idea that if you are happy at home you will be less likely to commit crime,  if you live in a rat hole you’ll act like a rat was a point made in ‘The Tipping Point’. Economic recession sometimes leads to higher crime rates. In a recession people can’t afford as much as they used to and therefore may have to resort to crime to get what they want. Creating affordable ways to achieve beautiful home interiors may reduce crime as people will be able to afford the environment they want to have in their home. A lot of people still like to ‘Keep up with the Joneses’ and feel like a social outcast or inferior if they don’t, this may lead to anger causing people to turn to crime. Affordable interiors again would help hold on to status, make people feel socially accepted and happier. Recycling or up-cycling old furniture would also be an affordable way to change how a home looks the “vintage” style is becoming more and more popular.  I have developed this idea into a poster. I do apologise my poster making skills are not the best but I thought I would attempt it, practice makes perfect after all!

The poster shows an ex criminal relaxing in his home watching the news which tells us that crime has fallen. To the right of him hanging up is his swag bag and the stereotypical robber’s uniform, this is supposed to link with the saying ‘hanging up your gloves’ which means to quit or retire, showing that he no longer commits crime. The flowers, phone and the rest of the furniture are to show that he has a nice affordable home which is his reason for stepping away from crime.
I have also created a Mind Map to show my thinking.


  1. I like the self-washing walls idea... but what about spraying walls? If someone sprays on them, they spray back, like skunks! ;-)

  2. Haha, that would be a good idea and I'm sure it would stop people. Maybe it could even spray out a dye so that you could easily spot a person who tries to graffiti.