Sunday, 12 December 2010

Furniture Project: Coming to an End.

Our furniture project is finally coming to an end, it's been a long process and thankfully everyone has survived (just!).  The past two weeks have been spent in the workshop. We’ve been trying to get as much done as we could without disruptions from the snow, to finish our rocking chair. It looks like the hard work has paid off and tomorrow we just have to put together some last minute things and complete our presentation sheets for Tuesday. Here are some photos from our workshop experience.

Marking out the radius of the rocker to make the former.

Laminating the rockers.


Rasa cleaning up the steel frame.

Sanding to create the brushed steel look.

Danielle making the seat.

Finding out where it rocks best.

Sanding down the rockers.

Doing some painting at home.

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