Monday, 27 December 2010

Furniture Project: Done and Dusted!

It’s about 2 weeks ago now since our presentation day at uni. I wanted to post about how it went sooner but haven’t had a chance as I was busy getting ready for Christmas but I’ve managed to get some time now!

Our group was pleased our rocking chair was completed in time and we felt our presentation went well.  I felt really proud of our year as we achieved so much and all the final designs and presentations were amazing. I think our year had a wide range of different types of furniture and objects from, a Karma Sutra inspired chair to a sculpture made from re-claimed pallets. A couple of groups made videos for the presentation which I thought were very clever and I would like to do something like this in the future.

I didn’t have a favourite, but I did like the ‘Find it Fix it’ group which consisted of Esther Lockhart, Meghan Stenhouse and John Macdonald. Their concept was to find old furniture and fix it up to be useable again. However they didn’t just restore the object they added their own mark and made it into something new. I really like this as you’re saving something that would otherwise be thrown away but also adding a bit of your personality to it. I think the skills I have acquired during this project will be very useful in doing something like this in the future, maybe even in my own home one day. To read more about the ‘Find it Fix it’ groups work you can visit either Esther Lockhart's or Meghan Stenhouse's blog.

Below are our presentation sheets. We designed them to be viewed in a panoramic style going around the room with our rocking chair in the centre.

So the furniture project is now over ...bring on the next!

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