Saturday, 4 February 2012

Restaurant of the Future? Inamo, London.

Inamo an Oriental fusion restaurant in London is providing a dining service with a twist.

Diners will sit down and be faced with an interactive ordering system. The power is in their hands, they can create the dining experience they want by; setting the mood of the table, ordering their own food, playing games, discovering the local area and even ordering a taxi before they leave. Along with the ‘E-table’ waiters will still be on hand to help.

Blacksheep a London based company were hired to design the interiors for Inamo. They were given four key words that the design was to be based around these were, ‘warm’, ‘vibrant’, ‘charm’ and ‘theatre’. They also had to take into consideration the lighting in the restaurant to ensure that the projections on the ‘E-tables’ would work just as well during the day as at night. A graphic screen was designed to be placed over the windows to stop the glare but still contribute to the overall theme of the restaurant. The technology may be the main focus for many, but the overall interiors were not forgotten about a trendy and sleek design has been achieved.

I’ve seen a few of Blacksheep’s designs now and I really like their quirky style. Their recent design for Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant ‘Union Jacks’ is really fun and unique.  Blacksheep is definitely a business I’m going to keep watching for inspiration.   

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