Thursday, 23 February 2012

‘Design and the Market’ ‘Not Tom’ Presentation.

As a group we got together and went over our interview with ‘Not Tom’, we recorded it and had written 
notes so it was easy to refresh our memories. We sorted through all our information identifying what we thought would be the most relevant for our presentation. I personally found this tricky as I wasn’t exactly sure what type of presentation it should be as the brief is quite open. I think however we have achieved a good mix of background information on the company, business information and information on the work they do so hopefully people will enjoy it and find it interesting. We simply wanted to tell the ‘Not Tom’ story from past, present to future.

As we are in a class that is filled with a mix of disciplines from product designers, to jewellery designers, to students who do animation I have been terrified at the thought of presenting an coming up with a unique creative way to show what we have learnt. We therefore have decided to keep it simple. We have gone with a ‘Not Tom’ style – laid back and fun and have tried to represent their brand in each of our slides keeping them in the mind of the viewer.

I’m nervous for tomorrow but looking forward to completing assignment 1 for ‘Design and the Market’. I hope all our hard work has paid off. I’ll post up the presentation slides tomorrow after it’s all over.

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