Thursday, 23 February 2012

‘Not Tom’. Background Research.

‘Not Tom’ is a design company based in London specialising in furniture and exhibition design, they also work in other areas taking on some branding work and hope to work on more interior based projects in the future.

Richard Jennings and Harry Osborne are the two faces behind ‘Not Tom’ (get it Dick and Harry not tom!) They met at university and soon after leaving decided to set up a business together so they could do the work they wanted and not the work others wanted them to do.

The company is small with the two of them working full time and bringing in other members of staff part time to help with graphics and CAD. They also have design
Interns in the office from time to time.

Looking through their work I noticed they have done a few high profile events such as ‘London Fashion Week’ and the ‘Campaign for Wool’. 

This ‘Wool Modern’ exhibition that was used as part of the ‘Campaign for Wool’ is one of my favourite pieces of their work I just think it’s really beautiful and quite romantic. After they completed the exhibition where they worked with Loui Thomas they gained a lot of publicity. The woolly twigs were featured in the gallery’s windows, the windows of the ‘Pringle’ store on Sloan Street and featured in the promotional video for the exhibition in association with ‘Harrods’. You can also find ‘Not Tom’s’ work featured on well know design websites such as ‘Dezeen’. Word of mouth seems to work well for them and getting people talking about their outstanding work gets them business.

Before our skype interview with them we outlined questions we wanted to ask highlighting the most important in case we were short of time. We also thought we would ask them to send us some photos of their office environment as it wasn’t possible for us to see it in person.

The types of questions we will ask will be how they went about starting up a business, how they brand themselves and what have been there biggest hurdles. We have quite a few others so will hopefully have time to ask them all and let them lead on to some other interesting topics!

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