Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Partnerships Networks & Connections 2: Cultural Kiosk.

Following on from PNC1 this project again has us interacting with people out side our comfort zone, making us more aware of world issues and becoming more skilled at sourcing important information that will guide our design.

A successful designer is one who can adapt and work in unknown areas. This semester we will be put to the test.

For our project ‘Cultural Kiosk’, Duncan of Jordanstone will be teamed up with Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. Interior design students in Dundee will be designing a retail/information kiosk that represents Qatar and its culture while interior design students from VCU Qatar will design a kiosk that is representative of Scotland.  The 3m x 3m kiosk must be mobile and reflect the image, identity and character of the country it represents. What it says about the country is an important factor.

Throughout the 5 week duration of this project we will act as designers of our own kiosk and consultants to the students of VCU to enable them to design their kiosk. We will contact each other regularly via skype to trade as much information as possible about our countries.

My teammate Danielle Carnegie and I have a blog that is tracking our research and development and will be used as another basis for sharing information with the students at VCU. If you’re interested in finding out more about our project please take a look: http://djcadteam3.wordpress.com/

Tomorrow we will be meeting the students for the first time using skype. I’m a little nervous but hopefully over the weeks we will become more comfortable with each other. We’ve prepared some questions to try and keep away from any awkward silences. It’s really exciting working with students in another country and learning about a culture I previously knew so little about. I’m really pleased DJCAD have given us the opportunity to carry out a project like this.

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