Thursday, 26 January 2012

Design & the Market Intro.

Wednesday morning I had an introductory lecture to a new module I’m taking this semester ‘Design and the Market’. It was a motivational start which will hopefully continue.

In the lecture Mike Press mentioned a few young entrepreneurs that are graduates of DJCAD some of which I had heard of in other classes (Vanilla Ink and Little Riot). It’s comforting to know that there is hope outside uni. Someone who I had not heard of before however was Johanna Basford. I have noticed her work before in passing on the Edinburgh Fringe catalogue and liked it but never thought to find out who the designer was. Last night I was doing a little internet stalking to see more of her work. YouTube has some videos of her showing her drawing and how she works. I like drawing with pens and it’s lovely to see how her work turns out from beginning to end. It made me push myself a little harder to draw more in my sketchbook today. So if I’m ever feeling like I don’t want to or can’t draw I think I’ll watch one of her videos as a pick me up to remind me how fun drawing can be! Mike also mentioned that she is also very good at branding herself. I really like branding but find it difficult to think of how to brand myself hopefully this module will give me some ideas for that.

Tomorrow I will get together with my group to discuss our first assignment and identify which business we will research. I’ll keep my blog updated with the goings on. 

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