Tuesday, 17 January 2012

GIDE: Creativity for Local Enterprise

At the end of last semester my work for GIDE was completed and handed in however it’s not over yet. In February this year all universities involved in GIDE will be coming to DJCAD to take part in a one week workshop. I’m not sure exactly what this will involve yet but the week kick starts with a party at Dundee Universities Students Union to welcome the other students and staff.

This is just a quick blog to update you on my work for GIDE as I realise I have not posted about it yet.

The brief was to create a design response to the theme Creativity for Local Enterprises. Looking at the different enterprises in Dundee I was interested in the facilities available to new parents. I wanted to create a centre that offered help, guidance and education to parents whatever their age.

To research this topic further I met up with a Health Care assistant from Ninewells hospital to find out what services were available. I then went to visit a local family centre in Lochee. I found this very helpful as it gave me deeper insights into the topic and helped identify areas where I could improve upon the service.

Looking at other designers work of existing nursery’s and schools enabled me to develop my own design ideas. As it would be a place for children I wanted it to have a playful aesthetic. To make parents feel at home I wanted to ensure it had a welcoming atmosphere that was not at all clinical or uncomfortable. Below is a description on my family centre that has been named ‘Grow’.

‘Grow’ has been designed with parents in mind. It’s hard enough becoming a parent especially with out any support or guidance, this centre will be a home away from home where parents from all back­grounds will learn how to care for their baby and themselves.
It has been designed to be a wel­coming and relaxed environment where a community can be built between the parents and staff. A fun playful design has been cre­ated through splashes of colour and a zig-zag book shelf which is a main feature in the interior space.

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