Friday, 7 October 2011

Playful Architecture.

Whilst researching my current studio project I came across a few playful designs that just made me smile. So I thought I’d share!

Reversible Density Lofts by Arakawa & Gins. Tokyo, Japan.

These lofts were designed as part of ‘Architecture against Death.’ The interior is designed in a way to keep people active it “makes people use their bodies in unexpected ways to maintain equilibrium, and that will stimulate their immune systems”.  Every loft comes with a set of directions for use. Inside there are uneven floors, oddly positioned power switches, transparent shower rooms, a sunken kitchen and many more oddly positioned items to keep occupants on their toes. The occupants will be more alert and the designers believe this will extend their life by making them feel younger.

 Shanghai Park Pavilions. Taranta Creations.

These pavilions are colourful sculptures in the park and have been describe as looking like pieces of candy. However as well as looking beautiful they also serve a purpose. They’ve been built to support and house typical Chinese activities such as tai chi, karaoke, drinking tea and playing mah-jong. Powered by wind turbines the colourful structures are built on poles to remind people about the threat of flooding and for fear that the Hangpu River that they line will flood.

I love the fun of these designs. Whilst trying to address serious issues the designers have managed to make their buildings interesting, unique and playful.

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