Tuesday, 11 October 2011

24 Hour Brief. My Thoughts.

This was our first “real” brief where we worked in bigger groups and created an advert together, through stages of research, brainstorming, producing an idea wall, a final outcome and pitching it.

As a whole I really enjoyed the day. Using the experience from previous weeks I went into the city centre armed with questionnaires coming back with information that was relevant and helpful to the subject. From past lectures I’ve learned that people respond well to an advert that creates an emotional connection I think this is why I agreed on the advert we eventually chose. Generating ideas and sketching was the part I liked the most although next time I would like to do this before and after researching the topic. I felt that after we had researched my ideas became a little restricted to what we found. Perhaps sketching before would help ideas flow freely even if they were irrelevant they could be taken down at a later stage.

Perhaps the groups were a little too big. Starting on the brief a large group is helpful as a lot of areas can be researched at the same time however nearing the end of the day once the idea had been selected there didn’t seem to be enough for everyone to do.  I do think that a large group is better for generating ideas. Sometimes in a small group ideas can be stuck but with more people they keep going for longer and help with inspiration on my own thoughts.

I would definitely try to think differently next time. After hearing the other groups I felt like we could have come up with a better campaign instead of just an advert. I did really like our idea however adding to our poster; flyers, pop up shops, free key rings… flash mobs! These are just examples but could turn a poster ad into something a lot bigger and more memorable.

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