Monday, 4 October 2010

V&A at Dundee.

The six shortlisted designs for this project are now on display in the University of Abertay library in Dundee.

I went along last week to take a look. I was really impressed by all six designs even although a couple may not have been to my taste. You can clearly see the hard work that went into the designs through the impressive models on display, as well as the detailed presentation boards.

I had a couple of favourites at the exhibition; Snohetta's design and the design by the architecture firm REX.

I quite liked REX's design as it stood out from the others; it reminded me of a giant jewel or crystal that had suddenly emerged by the Tay. This would certainly make an impact on the city of Dundee's skyline! However I am unsure if this would appeal to the majority of people in Dundee.

I also liked Snohetta's design, for the opposite reason, it blended in. This design sits on the river and is said to "engage with the light of the river, the dynamic of the river and with the energy of the river." Instead of standing out in an obvious way I think it would add to the waterfront enhancing it with its sleek and subtle design. I love the way the exterior shimmers with the waters reflection.

Probably my least favourite design was the design by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects. I'm not really sure why I just found it a bit dull and it reminded me a little of a block of flats...

I'm now looking forward to seeing the design that will be chosen in the end. Any thoughts, what's your favourite or least favourite design?

The V&A at Dundee, let's hope they make it happen!


  1. I don't like any of them, just another millennium dome waiting to happen. Funded by the taxpayer....probably!!

  2. I like snohettas design - looks quite calming. Think it would be a really good thing for Dundee!