Thursday, 28 October 2010

Furniture Project

In the studio at the moment we are just starting a new project on furniture design. It's early stages but we've been given our brief and split into groups. Our brief is to design and make a piece of furniture or object reflecting contemporary culture and domestic life. I'm currently trying to emerge myself in research, looking at different types of furniture, styles, uses and designs.

I'm a big fan of the television programme 'Mad Men' which is about an advertising agency on Madison Avenue, in New York in the 1960s. I love the style from the early 60s and find the furniture attractive. The main thing I like when I look at some of the furniture from the 60s is the legs on the tables or chairs. I like that the legs taper slightly as they reach the ground. I also like the sharp edges they used.

When I was researching today I came across 'Pinch'. ‘Pinch’ specialises in furniture design and is based in the U.K. Their style reminded me a little of the furniture I see when I watch 'Mad Men'. One of my favourite pieces was the desk pictured below. The smoothness of the wood and the touch of green they've added appeals to me.

Something else that I’ve come across and find interesting is this cocktail table by ‘Twig’. Different shaped wooden sticks have been bonded together with resin to make this glossy table. I love the pattern it makes for the table top.

Well the research continues! I’ll post an update of how the project is progressing in a few weeks.

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