Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Urban Hub for SEPA.

It’s coming to the end of the year now and not long until our hand in. I’ve been steadily working away on my office design for SEPA which I have enjoyed. The design is finished now but I am still in the process of getting it out of my head and my sketch book, for other people to see and understand.

I have been building a 3D model on my laptop with ‘Google sketch-up’. This has taken longer than expected. It’s still a program I find tricky to use and quite slow. For my next project I plan to try a different program for this, maybe ‘AutoCad’. I’d like to see how it differs to sketch-up and find a program that I can work with quickly whilst also achieving the results I want. I will complete my sketch-up model by the end of the week. On Monday I am going to start rendering my model on ‘3D Max’ with the help of a tutor at uni as it is a programme I have never used before. Hopefully once I know the basic tools I will be able to create six or seven perspectives to use in my presentation.

After that’s all done I’ll move on to doing my technical drawings, presentation sheets and hand  build a model to show my design. Time’s ticking I better get cracking!

I’ll post another blog up soon about the design for my SEPA urban hub. 

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